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I'm Heather Maríe.  I'm a money expert who helps women and entrepreneurs actualize their desires, recognize their value and achieve an abundant and happy life!   

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If there's one thing I've learned during my 27  years in banking and finance, it's that money can be complicated!   That's why I'm here -  to take the mystery out of money and teach you how to get it, keep it and put it to work to create the happy and abundant life you desire and deserve. 

Now, don't get me wrong, it's not just about money.  It's about creating a balanced, happy and purposeful life.  Feeling empowered and capable.  Whether for your business or your personal life, I can help you gain the skills and develop the mindset to improve your relationship with money and show you how to make it your partner in co-creating the life you want to live. 

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Hi, I'm Heather Maríe, Your Money Maven

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Ignite your natural power to build a life of wealth & abundance by using my proven system

Stop worrying about money and eliminate money anxiety to start living the life of your dreams

Rewrite your money story and blast through money blocks that have kept you from the wealth you desire

Stop living paycheck to paycheck and experience real abundance through improving your relationship with money

Break-free of unhealthy financial habits and build the foundations you need to succeed!

This masterclass will teach you how to maximize your profits, manage  your cash, and how to systematically go through your financials to find opportunities to level up your business.  We also cover the basics so instead of feeling intimidated by your numbers, you'll feel empowered !

Finance 101 for small business

 Know Your Numbers!

Businesses who know their numbers have  a tremendous advantage over those that do not.  

-entreprenuer magazine

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